Welcome to our factory!

Where care and craftmanship meet constant innovation

All our furniture is made in our super modern factory where our dedicated employees work in unconventional ways to bring you conscientious quality at the right price.

The making of long-lasting design

The latest technology and top-skilled craftsmanship is the basis of all the furniture we create. We listen to our customers and work in unconventional ways to meet their expectations and to constantly improve the quality of our products. Each piece comes from a passion for durable design and a care for its surroundings. We strive to create furniture that can serve for many years and to ensure an efficient production with a minimum of waste and a maximum of wellbeing of our employees.

Our capacity in numbers

- 300 employees
- 20-25 trucks per week
- 15.000 of production and warehouse space
- 1200 fabric colors and 100 leather colors available at all times
- Endless combinations of designs