Conscientious quality at the right price

Our philosophy is simple and straight forward: Conscientious quality at the right price. This means that a strong love for durable design and a true care for our surroundings is the basis of every piece of furniture made by us.

Canett Furniture is now part of troels denmark

We are happy to welcome the Canett Furniture range at troels denmark

Dinning chairs, coffee tables, dinning tables and much more will become products at troels denmark, and we are looking forward to show the large potential of this new setup.

In connection with the acquisition of the stocks, goods will continue to be shipped from Lemvig for a shorter period, but the plan is that the future range will be fully integrated into troels denmark during the autumn 2023.

Unlimited options of conscientious quality

Solutions tailored to individuals are what make us so special. Design should never be limited. Therefore, we deliver endless combinations following the latest trends in fabrics, fillings, and leather. With comfort and durability in mind, we ensure that our furniture can be cherished for long years and burdens its surroundings as minimally as possible.

Care is core to us

It is crucial to us that our products are made under environmentally and socially responsible conditions.
That is why we run a ISO-14001 certified production and continuously improve the work conditions of our employees.

Care for the environment…
Consideration of the environment has always been an integral part of our design philosophy. Our continuous movements such as green energy sources, long-lasting products produced in Europe, and replaceable parts of furniture, bring us closer to reaching sustainable goals each year.
Care for our employees
Taking good care of our employees and making them feel valued is crucial to us. Therefore, we are constantly improving the working conditions in our offices and factories, which we do by e.g. investing in good ergonomic conditions, as well as machines, such as wagons and cranes, for the upholders to secure them from heavy lifting.
Besides that, our workers in both factories are covered when sick and they can seek help from a fund if they get into any financial trouble.

We are proud of our ISO-certified factory

True craftmanship and modern technology working side by side

High standards all over

Regardless of which fabric you choose, you can be sure that the quality meets the highest EU standards, making them long-lasting, which contributes to a healthy environment and satisfied customers. In addition to this you can choose from a wider and wider range of eco-conscious fabrics.
A product that lasts for years is what makes our customers so satisfied. Therefore, all our furniture fabrics are at least 25.000 Martindale, which means that they meet requirements for high-intensity use.