Conscientious quality at the right price

Our philosophy is simple and straight forward: Conscientious quality at the right price. This means that a strong love for durable design and a true care for our surroundings is the basis of every piece of furniture made by us.

Design in endless combinations

Each and every day we strive to deliver the newest fashion – tailored to the individual. Our quality stretches beyond delivering comfortable and durable furniture. It also includes endless combinations as well as the latest trends within fabrics and leathers.

We are proud of our ISO-certified factory

True craftmanship and modern technology working side by side

Care is core to us

It is crucial to us that our products are made under environmentally and socially responsible conditions.
That is why we run a ISO-14001 certified production and continuously improve the work conditions of our employees.

This is how we care

- OEKO-tex- or REACH-certified fabrics
- A fully air-conditioned sewing
department - Height adjustable tables to our upholsterers
- Environmentally friendly glue
- Heat blocking foil in the wood department
- LED lamps in the cushion department
- Safety shoes for everyone
- Waste reducing design and technology
Just to mention a few…