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Kurt Skovby
As a veteran Danish furniture designer for 40 years, Kurt Skovby is known for his classic, yet modern inspired style and his meticulous attention to details. Decades of hands-on experience and passion for fashion design have contributed to his vision for modern furniture. Kurt has travelled the globe to work with several creative forces and industry giants to make memorable and exquisitely constructed furniture pieces. His design philosophy is simple and timeless: The tailor-made work must be top quality while pleasant to both the eye and the touch, creating an invitation for people to sit.
Stine Prang
Stine Prang is a Danish designer who is fundamentally inspired by the Danish and Nordic furniture tradition, characterized by high craftsmanship and a light and airy style. Here the tradition is both honest and has clean lines and the interaction of detail is crucial to her. The users and their needs are always in focus when she designs a new piece of furniture – it is important for her to design interesting, well-proportioned furniture that makes sense for other people. Since her departure from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Design and Conservation, she has worked with furniture design for several established Danish furniture companies until 2015 where she established her own company, "Stine Prang Design".
Arik Ben Simhon
Arik Ben Simhon is a 50-year-old Israeli designer with worldwide recognition. Organic and natural appearances characterize shapes and materials of his bold designs. His unique style lights up both traditional and modern settings creating a warm comforting look and feel. This has resulted in a series of commercial projects including hotels, clubs, restaurants and bars. Arik Ben Simhon is not only considered one of the most prominent and influential designers in Tel Aviv but has widely achieved recognition on a global scale.